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High quality project management is the key to lead a successful project. We believe in every project, pre-planning integration, multiple communication with summarization adjustment is very necessary. Although we are experienced events solution professional, we still continue to break through ourselves and provide the best service for our clients.


- Communication with organizers, pre-planning for approval

- Budget management and schedule planning

- Creative design and layout

- Technical support for implementation

- Ground handling, event planning and other supporting services

- Booth storage for re-use in the coming year

- Joint activities around the world to provide you with an excellent global exhibition services


A good creative design role cannot be underestimated; it can instantly help your brand grab everyone's attention. This is why we insist on every project must be designed from the original, with full of new ideas in the design work that it’s the only way to help your brand to attract more customers, and make us be your purpose.


- We take in approximately two or three weeks to draw a personalized design for your stand

- Personalized booth design comes from the understanding of your brand, and the possibility of control the budget and implementation

- We bring you the designed booth layout with considerations of business value, color matching, the overall atmosphere, and so on

- The booth will be showed with a complete set of 3D renderings, construction drawings, production drawings and other professional drawings

- It contains space design, graphic design, and comprehensive professional design system

Thanks to experienced people and advanced tool park we execute

any type of the stand.

Custom stands (steel / wooden construction), we work also in untypical materials (glass, acrylic glass, paper).


- High production capacity – Work Force

- Our own state of the art carpentry workshop

- All kinds of graphics: vinyl, plot cut vinyl, foamex, banners, backlights, lightboxes.

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